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Cannabis education: What’s the Best Online Cannabis School?


Working in the marijuana industry is as rewarding as it is fun. Who doesn’t want to think about and talk about the cannabis plant for a living?


But working in the legal cannabis industry comes with greater responsibility than other retail jobs. You’re essentially handling medicine that has a profound impact on the human mind and body.


To ensure you’re successful in whatever cannabis career you choose, you can lean on cannabis business training and higher education to stand out. 


So, now that you’re ready to get trained. What’s the best cannabis school to earn an online certification from?


The answer: It depends!


This guide will cover considerations and questions to ask before choosing an online cannabis certificate program


Factors to consider when choosing an online cannabis school


There are a wide variety of cannabis certification courses and online cannabis training programs. The secret to choosing the right one is understanding what best fits your needs.


Consider these factors when researching online cannabis education:


  • Individual learning preferences and goals: Are you hoping to get a self-paced, online education from the comfort of your home? Then your best choice is an online education program. In-person “cannabis colleges” are probably not for you.
  • Budget: How much are you willing to spend on education? The amount spent should be around 5% of your expected cannabis job income. Anything greater is probably not worth the money.
  • Reputation: Is the school well-known and does it have good reviews? You can check out Google reviews to determine if this school is worth putting your hard earned money and time into.
  • Course offerings and curriculum: What kind of education are you looking for? Courses can range from general cannabis education to budtender certifications to cannabis cultivation and much more. These classes may include videos, quizzes, seminars, or modules as teaching tools.
  • Support and resources available to students: If you have trouble and need help, is there a way to contact or find answers to your questions? 
  • What job or prospective jobs you’re looking for? Online cannabis courses can benefit jobs like:
    • Dispensary roles such as budtenders, inventory managers, and compliance officers
    • Cultivation workers like growers, trimmers, and packagers
    • General industry workers looking for help with things like cannabis laws, cannabis production, medical marijuana, CBD, THC, terpenes, and more


The reality of online cannabis education is that you don’t need a Bachelor’s degree (or even a true cannabis degree) to achieve your goals in this industry. Sometimes it just takes a bit of extra learning to get you on the right path to success.


Ask yourself these questions to decide on the best online cannabis school for you


What are my specific goals and interests in the cannabis industry?


Before signing up for a course, consider what career path you plan to go into. There are many different jobs you can apply for after completing an online cannabis training program including being a budtender, grower, manager, inventory manager, and much more.


If you’re not sure what job you want, consider taking time to research the different jobs available in this industry before choosing an online program.


Whichever career path you choose, make sure the course is teaching you the skills you need for that job. 


How much am I willing to spend on cannabis training?


As with any big decision, consider your budget before choosing an online cannabis course. Every schooling option has a wide range of prices so there should be plenty of options in whatever your budget might be. 


Keep in mind that many cannabis businesses and cannabis dispensaries offer on-the-job training for their employees. Most of the time, it’s a good idea to go for a more affordable program.


Other, more expensive options may have payment plans or financial aid in place, but this is relatively uncommon in the cannabis space.  


Does the school offer the courses and curriculum that align with my interests?


Not everyone has the same goals when it comes to joining the cannabis industry. If you have an idea of what job you want, make sure there are different course options and subjects covered for that specific job.


If there is not an option for the job you want, you might want to consider going with another online program.


You want to ensure the curriculum is in-depth rather than just scratching the surface. It also needs to be relevant to today’s cannabis industry. 


What kind of support and resources does the school provide?


Even though the school is online, they should still provide student support services such as guidance counselors and IT tech support. They should also offer resources like extra reading materials and online discussion groups where you can meet some of your classmates.


The best online cannabis schools also have networking opportunities and career assistance. This way, once you finish your training, you already have some job options and you are not looking in the dark by yourself. 


Online platforms are also helpful because they give you experience with different cannabis technologies. Online platforms are also a great place to meet other students or recent graduates from the program. 


What are some examples of online cannabis training programs?


Like we said before, there are a wide variety of cannabis education options out there. Some examples include:


  • THC University (that’s us!): We’re making cannabis education accessible to everyone with affordable prices, fully remote and easy-to-understand course material, on-demand support, resume building, and zero requirements to sign up. Everyone in the world deserves a chance to learn about cannabis, we’re making that happen one student at a time.
  • Cannabis Training University (Online)
  • Oaksterdam University (Oakland, CA)
  • Cannabis Training Institute (Online)
  • Clover Leaf University (Online & Denver, CO)


Let’s get high(er) education!


THC University is the most effective and affordable online cannabis training school available. You won’t find a better price for this level of tailored cannabis education. Check out our course catalog to find the perfect class for you!