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Affordable, flexible, and specifically made for cannabis retail, our Budtender Training Course gives you the skills to succeed with just a few hours of learning.

Course Overview
Budtender training
Course Overview

Made from years of research and on-the-job cannabis retail experience (thanks to Good Meds Dispensary for the collaboration on videos!), the online Budtender Training Course is up to date on the most current dispensary trends.

Learn everything from basic cannabis plant knowledge to daily budtending skills to elevate your cannabis retail knowledge in 10 easy-to-understand online course modules.

This course is made for anyone who wants actionable cannabis knowledge & insights. Go from cannabis beginner to a seasoned professional within a few hours!

The Budtender Training Course covers the following:
  • Cannabis 101: A detailed explanation of the cannabis plant

  • Cannabis history: A brief history of cannabis across civilizations, including modern legalization efforts

  • Cannabinoids: The science behind cannabis and how it interacts with the mind and body

  • Terpenes: The entourage effect and impact of various terpenes

  • Methods of consumption

  • Cannabis product types: Breaking down popular cannabis formats

  • Consumer tolerance and dosing

  • Common budtender/dispensary terminology: Common slang and “industry speak” for modern cannabis dispensaries

  • Breaking down the budtender role: Requirements and expectations for budtenders

  • Budtender job skills: Development and understanding of the most important sales and compliance techniques for budtenders

  • And much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

THC University’s online Budtender Training Course is crafted to affordably educate current and aspiring cannabis professionals. Anyone can easily sign up and become certified in budtender training!

While this course is designed for anyone who intends to land a budtender role, it is also appropriate for anyone who works with the cannabis plant. This THC University course provides valuable knowledge for dispensary managers, owners, and anyone involved in cannabis.

Students are encouraged to complete the budtender training certification program at their own pace. Average completion times range from 5-7 hours depending on prior cannabis knowledge.

THC University students must complete 10 budtender training course modules. Each module is followed by a short quiz to make sure you retain the info. Once all modules are complete, students will take a final exam and must score at least an 80% to pass and become certified.

Absolutely! Because the cannabis industry is full of compliance requirements and unique rules, cannabis businesses are looking for employees they can trust. Showing your dedication through higher cannabis education boosts your odds of being hired into this entry-level role.

Budtenders are the face of a dispensary. They interact with retail store customers and recommend medical cannabis to patients. A good budtender should understand the cannabis plant, methods to consume it, how cannabinoids and terpenes work with the brain, customer service skills, point of sale systems, and more. The more you know, the better you’ll be at your job.

THC University’s Budtender Training Course is only $69. That’s the lowest price available anywhere.

We believe everyone should have access to this foundational training and set our prices accordingly!

Get Budtender Certified today!

Enroll now and complete your certification in just a few hours.

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