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Dream N Sour Cannabis Strain: Weed Guide and Review


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 In this review, we’ll discuss the characteristics, effects, and everything you need to know about the intriguing Dream N Sour (DNS) strain.


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Dream N Sour Strain overview


Dream N Sour is a sativa-dominant hybrid, known for its uplifting effects and well-balanced nature. The flower boasts a striking appearance with dense trichomes, a result of its lineage from crossing the renowned Blue Dream x Sour Jack strains.


First made by the breeders at Sin City Seeds, this strain has gained popularity for its energizing effects typical in many sativa strains—with a hint of mental clarity and anxiety reducing benefits.


Aroma and flavor profile


The aroma of Dream N Sour is a delightful fusion of fruity and sour notes. As you take a whiff, you might detect hints of citrus and grapefruit, with a subtle undertone of the classic Diesel scent. When it comes to the flavor profile, users often describe it as a tasty blend of sweet and sour, providing a pleasant smoking or vaping experience.




Dream N Sour is celebrated for its energizing effects. The sativa dominance ensures a heady high that sparks creativity and focus. Users often report feeling uplifted and motivated, making it an ideal choice for daytime use. The strain’s balanced nature also introduces a sense of relaxation without inducing heavy sedation, offering a euphoric experience without the couch-lock effect.


You’ll notice the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) interact nicely with Dream N Sour’s terpene profile, creating an outstanding entourage effect.


Medicinal uses


In the medical cannabis community, Dream N Sour finds applications in managing various conditions.


Its uplifting properties make it a potential aid for stress and depression, while the relaxing undertones may provide relief for mild pain. User reviews have also reported positive effects in addressing symptoms of anxiety and fatigue.


Terpene profile


Understanding the terpenes in Dream N Sour is key to appreciating its unique qualities. Myrcene contributes to the relaxing effects, while terpinolene and pinene enhance the strain’s energetic and creative elements. This terpene combination creates a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.


How to consume Dream N Sour strain


Dream N Sour typically boasts a moderate to high THC content. Whether you prefer smoking, vaping, or trying concentrates like live resin, this strain offers reasonable THC levels for a number of consumption methods, like edibles, vapes, or raw flower.


Keep in mind the average THC percentage and start with a lower dose, especially if you are new to cannabis products, to avoid potential side effects like dry mouth.


It’s worth noting that the best way to consume cannabis is the old fashioned way, through raw flower or whole-plant consumption methods. Learn more about why whole-plant cannabis products are better.


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How much does Dream N Sour strain cost?


Pricing can vary based on your location and the dispensary you choose. On average, Dream N Sour is priced around $10-$15 per gram at dispensary checkout, providing good value for its unique combination of effects and flavors. Check out your local dispensary for current pricing and availability.


In conclusion, Dream N Sour stands out as a sativa-dominant hybrid that brings together the best of Blue Dream and Sour Jack. Its delightful aroma, balanced effects, and versatility in consumption make it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking a creative boost or a mood lift, Dream N Sour might just be the strain you’ve been dreaming of.


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