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We spent over 10 years creating our cannabis certification courses. They’re built with industry expertise to teach you the important stuff. 

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The Cannabis Professional Program ‍

Get access to every cannabis certification course, for one low price.



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The Cannabis Professional Program includes:

  • Cannabis career training to get hired and promoted 

  • 10+ 100% online courses

  • 1 year of unlimited course access

  • World-renowned instructors

  • Self-pacing

  • Expert webinars

  • Access to our Jobs Board

  • Interview Support

  • Resume consultation

  • Exit interview

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How THC University works

Register as a student & enroll in courses

Once enrolled as a student you can enroll in certification programs and start learning immediately. You also get access to M-F student support, monthly webinars, and cultivation help.

Learn at your own pace

Every student has 24/7 access to courses so you can learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world. We’ve also partnered with industry experts, like Jorge Cervantes, to bring you unique, high-quality courses that you won’t find anywhere else.

Take quizzes and get certified

Take quizzes to put your cannabis studies to the test and prove that you’re one of the top candidates in the industry. Once you pass the final exam we’ll send you a certificate of completion and you’ll get access to our exclusive student jobs board.

Start your new career

We’ve created the world’s largest cannabis jobs board exclusively for THCU certified students. Plus, graduates get a free resume and interview consultation.

Unlock access to important cannabis career resources
Expert Webinars

Expert Webinars

Exclusive courses and live student Q&A sessions with industry experts like Jorge Cervantes.

Cannabis Jobs Board

Cannabis Jobs Board

The Cannabis Jobs Board features THC University graduate resumes and sends top graduates resumes to thousands of employers.

Exit Interview

Exit Interview

Graduates receive a complimentary exit interview with one of our counselors.

Resume Consult

Resume Consult

Graduates receive a complimentary resume consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

THC University is more than your typical online cannabis school – it’s a self-serve certificate program consisting of constantly updating modules, videos, and resources for cannabis enthusiasts to learn all the necessary information about the cannabis plant, without spending a fortune. Essentially, we’re a faster, more affordable community college for the cannabis industry.

The all-access course bundle covers topics like:

  • Cannabis science – like the effects of various terpenes, cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and how every part of the cannabis plant works together in what’s called the entourage effect.
  • Growing cannabis – learn to set up a grow, plant seeds, and cultivate cannabis plants.
  • Cannabis extraction – understand the requirements and necessary steps to extract cannabinoids from the marijuana plant.
  • Cannabis therapeutics – discover ways to use medical marijuana to offer relief and treatment for ailments, illnesses, diseases, injuries, and more.
  • Budtender training – get every bit of training you need to be hired and successful as a cannabis budtender at a cannabis dispensary.

THC University does not assign homework and offers every student complete freedom to work through modules, watch videos, and take quizzes/final exams at their own pace!

99% of THC University students end up passing. That’s a testament to our expertly designed courses, as well as the ability for students to retake quizzes and exams until they fully understand the information.

Enrolling at THC University is incredibly easy and will accelerate your cannabis career path. Simply click here to enroll and start your certification.

By enrolling in THC University, students gain access to an affordable and flexible online platform that offers a wide range of cannabis courses and resources. Whether you’re interested in the business of cannabis, or cannabis for budtenders, healthcare, horticulture, entrepreneurship, and any other aspect of the cannabis industry, our all-access course has you covered.

For those looking for specific training like budtender training or state-specific laws, check out our specific courses. We’re constantly adding more so check back if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

THC University students have the flexibility to choose between individual courses tailored to specific career paths or the complete cannabis professional certificate program, which provides a well-rounded education for all cannabis careers.

We do not currently offer payment plans or financial aid for THC University students, but we purposefully keep our cannabis education prices competitive and affordable. If you’re in need of a discounted course, reach out and we will try to assist you as best as possible.

THC University was established in 2012, and has since gathered a track record of over 30,000 student accounts and more than 1,000 students working in cannabis industry jobs.

If you’re seeking an online certificate for anything from working in a dispensary to medical cannabis to growing weed at home, we can offer an affordable and complete learning experience.

Those looking at other online cannabis schools like Cannabis Training University, Oaksterdam University, Green Flower or Cannabis Community College should understand their higher prices do not always lead to better results in the job market. Our graduates find our all-access cannabis certificate program accessible, affordable, and more than sufficient for the fundamentals of everything cannabis

Absolutely! When you enroll at THC University, you gain access to valuable cannabis job resources, like a resume consultation, exit interview, and access to the cannabis jobs board.

Yes, our online platform allows you to access all course materials and resources from anywhere, making it convenient for students worldwide. There are no age or location restrictions for our content because it is meant for educational purposes only. While many of our courses are in English, we do offer a specially designed Thai budtender training course for those in Thailand!

Yes, THC University provides continuing education options for both enthusiasts and professionals looking to advance their cannabis knowledge and careers.

Yes, THC University graduates receive a certificate of completion both online and physically mailed to them.

Our graduates think so! Attending an online cannabis college like THC University offers you strong foundation of cannabis knowledge to build on throughout your cannabis career.

Absolutely! We offer specialized courses for growers and those interested in cannabis compliance and risk management.

We equip students with the knowledge and credentials needed to excel in the cannabis industry, fostering a more educated cannabis workforce.

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