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Why Online Cannabis Training is Your Best Option for Higher Education


The way we learn is changing fast. People all over the world have quickly transitioned to online learning over traditional in-classroom schooling. 


The same is true for cannabis training. Now, you can access all the cannabis education you could ever need from the comfort of your computer.

Just like any decision, you’ll want to weigh your options before choosing online cannabis training. We’ll walk through the importance and benefits of online continuing education below. 


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What is online cannabis training? 


Online cannabis training courses help aspiring and current employees in the cannabis industry learn and develop important job skills through certificate programs. Cannabis is a unique and growing industry that requires special knowledge and compliance understanding in order to perform daily job functions.


Many states and dispensaries require some level of cannabis training, but many students choose higher education to improve their odds of being hired or promoted. 


Why online cannabis training? 


Jobs in cannabis aren’t like normal jobs – and that’s what makes working in weed so fun! But not everyone starts out with the depth of knowledge required to succeed in this industry.


To get up to speed and stand out in cannabis businesses, many are opting for online cannabis schools. Here are the top reasons why: 




It’s usually not worth your money to spend thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars on cannabis education. Experts in their respective cannabis fields have compiled the right information to teach cannabis students. Plus, there’s so much information available in cannabis blogs or cheap books that it doesn’t make sense to break the bank to learn about weed. 


Bottom line: Online cannabis courses are the most cost-friendly option. 




Life is hectic and not everyone has time to sit down in a classroom for hours on end. Online cannabis training lets students complete their coursework on their own time. It’s entirely self-paced and there are no stressful deadlines that force you to stay up late studying. 


Keep in mind, this isn’t true for every online program, but most are very flexible. 




You don’t have to live near a training center, walk onto a college campus, have a bachelor’s degree, or even live in a legal cannabis state to earn a certificate of completion in cannabis. Students from all over the world are studying and gaining meaningful education through online cannabis training programs. 


Plus, you can take courses, study, and pass your exams all from the comfort of your home!


Advice for choosing an online cannabis training program


Not all online cannabis classes are the same. Some can even end up being very expensive. It’s important to do your research and choose the program that best fits your unique needs. 


Consider these factors before you hand over your money: 


  • Cost: How much are you willing to spend on cannabis training? Some programs are more expensive than others. Some offer payment plans or financial aid and others cost no more than a quarter ounce of middle-shelf kush.
  • Duration: Are you willing to spend hundreds of hours learning about cannabis? Or are you looking for a more foundational course that gets to the point so you can get on with your life?
  • Curriculum: Are you searching for budtender training, cannabis cultivation courses for growers, cannabis extraction lessons, cannabis compliance training, or just general cannabis basics? These questions factor into the type of class you should select. 


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