Out of all our classes, we have picked 5 that best covers everything a veteran budtender knows. For those wanting to harness the skills to make a cannabis cupcake or make amazing hash, this program is for you. Become a cannabis expert, learning the basics with growing 101, cannabis extraction, infusion, and law. This program will improve your skills and knowledge on everything cannabis.

Budtender Program Classes:

Introduction – Growing 101, an intro to indoor gardening, learn the 8 steps to a successful indoor garden. Mandatory class for all certifications.
Hash and Oils – Learn about hash and oil types, and learn how to use different, safe extraction methods. (we do not teach butane extraction for safety and liability reasons)
Cooking and Infusion – Butter, oil’s and other goodies. Learn to bake like martha stewart, but with cannabis. You will be a cannabis culinary expert after this class.
Strains and Flavors – How to identify, taste, pair, and grow different strains. Learn how to increase the buds taste and create a smooth smoke.
Law and Business – Learn the most up to date information on regulations and business practices.

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Program Price: $500 Offline / $200 Online

THC University Classes:

Classes are offered online and in person. Online classes are just as thorough and in depth as in-person. The core difference is that in person classes are more hands on and have the benefit of an instructor to answer any questions or settle any concerns. Online classes can be taken at your own pace.

Offline Classes are held at Auraria campus, in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Each class is an average of 2 hours long, with a test at the end of each class except Growing 101.


Offline Classes

For the full hands on experience, our offline classes take place at the Auraria Campus in Denver, Colorado. [/one_half]

Online Classes

Our online classes offer a perfect balance of convenience and information. Watch or listen to classes at anytime and on any device.[/one_half_last]

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