There are many online cannabis schools, but only one screens their students. THC University demands serious students wanting to make a difference in the industry. About 25% of applicants get denied, on an application that asks one creative question.

“why do you want to attend THC University?”

You would think anyone would be able to attend a cannabis school, or college, how could you screw that application up right? The number one reason applicants are denied is not taking this question seriously. The second reason is not meeting the age requirement. Some of the most outrageous answers are “I want to learn how to smoke from my butt” or “8======D~~~~ (0o0)”

These type of students can get into any cannabis school in the world, except THC University, that is just one more thing that sets us apart form other schools. When employers hire a THC University graduate, we want them to be glad they did, and hire more. Thats why people choose THC University, because when our name is on their resume, they can trust the employer respects the THC University name.

Matt Jones

THCU President