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The course was great!! Growing is a great hobby, can’t wait to start the next course.

Fletcher J. – Grow Basics Student

What a great way to occupy my weekend. I’m getting out of the Marine Corps soon so I’m glad I can study for my future. I’m being medically retired for my PTSD and multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries. I especially loved those slides. I need all the hope I can get.

Sgt. Major in the Marines – Budtender Student

Awesome class! Now all I need is my med card. Thanks THCU!

Budtender Student

I love the pictures and visuals in the book! It really puts into perspective how much work is involved in growing!

Aaron G. – Grow Basics Student

Nice! Learned a lot of stuff… Wow!

Jean C. – Grow Basics Student

So much information at your finger tips!! Im very happy with what I’ve learned from this course and pretty stoked about my first certificate! One down, three more to go!

Steven – Grow Basics Student

A great introductory course for those with little to no knowledge of cannabis. I appreciate the explanations of each major strain.

Brandon – Grow Basics Student

I was pleased by the content and the ease of use and navigation. This will become a widely used tool by Healthy Headie Lifestyle.

Steve – Business owner

I had a little turbulence figuring out how to maneuver around the courses. However, when I figured it out I really enjoyed the program. So informative without all the clutter. I am a very pleased student. Thank You!

Michelle – Budtender Student

Thought I knew alot already, the historical timeline was spot on and very eye opening! Great, straightforward info without a bunch of nonsense. Thanks!

Herikane – Budtender Student

Enjoyed and learned a few more things that was more in depth than what i have imagined…Excellent!

Emmanuel M. – Budtender Student

Awesome! Loads of information but very well worth the time spent! A must have for everyone interested in the medicinal aspect of marijuana.

Hilda W. – Budtender Student

Great course! Easy to understand and very informative.

Nicholas L. – Budtender Student

I think the courses are very informative and focus on all the appropriate aspects of Cannabis – it’s emerging culture, business/law, and most importantly, the medicinal and wellness cultivation. I know that these courses are being refined every step of the way and I am very impressed with the support and responses I receive from the staff. Matt is excellent and informative! Would definitely love to continue being a part of this venture with THC University.

Ryan K. – Budtender Student

I really loved this course! The format was easy to follow, fun and packed with a TON of information! I researched a ton of schools and felt that this was the best and most reliable program, and THC University proved me right! Great job THC University! Thank you!

Brenda Q. – Budtender Student

I’m so excited to receive my certificate! I thought the courses were great! They were very well put together and did a great job of covering so many areas of cannabis information.

Christian L. – Budtender Student

The course was wonderful and I’ve already begun looking for work in the cannabis industry! So far I’ve had two phone interviews, one in Washington and another for a commercial medicinal grow that is going to be located in Illinois! All thanks to the knowledge gained from THCU!

Hope K. – Budtender Student

Just wanted to say a big Thank You! I just got hired at Reno’s first official dispensary, Sierra Wellness Connection, as an Assistant manager! I start July 13, 2015. Without THCU I would of never had the courage to go for it and follow my lifelong dream. Can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life.

Michelle A. – Budtender Student

I thought I knew everything there is to know about marijuana, but after taking THC University’s courses, I knew I was missing out on a lot of information. I will always be a student, the classes are updated regularly, and filed with vital information.

Andrew D. – Budtender Student

I’m working in the cannabis industry as office manager for Independent Wellness Center in Apache Junction, AZ. The training I got as a budtender is quite useful in helping new patients. I am able to help prepare them for their first trip into a dispensary.

Bill L. – Budtender Student

I have to admit, I was nervous just starting out, but all of my guy friends who grow were very impressed with my first crop. Who knew this girl has a green thumb! They said it took them years to do what I am doing, and I have everyone at THC University to thank.

Allison B. – Grow Basics Student

Thank you THC University, I am now growing larger, healthier plants because of what I learned. I used to get frustrated, trying this and that, watching videos on YouTube, but your classes are by far top of the line!

Heath R. – Grow Basics Student


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