THCU teams up with SSDP

THC University is offering all SSDP members 50% OFF tuition. Many cannabis business owners say SSDP chapter leaders, and active members make great employees. THC University believes the best candidates in the industry should have easy access to the best online cannabis education, and get their foot in the door of the industry. 

THC University is working closely with SSDP to ensure all students who are applying are active SSDP members, “Every SSDP applicant will be vetted through SSDP to ensure they are a standing member” says Mark with THC University. The normal application process applies to SSDP members, THCU limits 50 students accepted per week, so SSDP members will have the same average wait time to get an acceptance notification, 1-3 days. The application is a little different since more info is needed to identify the SSDP membership, SSDP members can apply here.