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How to Get a Cannabis Industry Job Before 4/20


Thinking about getting a job in the cannabis industry? Right now might just be a perfect time. 

We’re a few months away from April 20th –– we call it “420” in cannabis culture.  

420 is the biggest cannabis-related holiday of the year. Everyone from growers to suppliers to cannabis retailers are gearing up for the big day –– which means you have an opportunity to help them and land a 420 cannabis industry job!

Here’s what you can do to get hired at a cannabis company before cannabis’ big holiday. 


Cannabis staffing needs for 420


Last year’s 420 was the highest in history for sales. Significantly more products were sold across the country as consumers celebrated the holiday and started stocking up weeks before the actual 4/20 date. 

For every cannabis business, 420 is a time to increase production and take advantage of increased business. 

That’s where you come in. 

Cannabis businesses are going to need extra help to make the most of 420. If you play your cards right, you can become one of their new hires. 

Here’s some job titles/job types that cannabis businesses will typically need help with leading up to 420:

  • Cultivators need additional trimmers
  • Manufacturers need additional packagers
  • Most importantly, dispensaries need cannabis delivery drivers and sales representatives/budtenders

A job at a cannabis dispensary will be one of the easiest to secure before 420. They’re on the front lines of large crowds and bustling shoppers. It’s like Black Friday, but for cannabis products. 


How to land your 420 cannabis industry jobs


Cannabis shop

You have a few more options than normal right now to secure your entry level cannabis job. Try out these options in the months and weeks before 420:


  1. Check job boards


Keep your eyes on sites like Vangst, Flowerhire, Indeed, EZHire Cannabis and Glassdoor. There are going to be more jobs available than usual this time of year. Set up job alerts and check in regularly for a solid job posting. 


  1. Walk into your local dispensary


Put on some decent clothes, print out your resume, walk into the local weed shop nearby, and ask to speak to the dispensary manager. 

This is one of the most effective ways to land a job in cannabis because it shows you’re personable and willing to do what it takes to work in cannabis. 

Bonus advice: Mention that you know 420 is coming up and wanted to see if they need any extra help!


  1. Apply for a temporary position


Many cannabis businesses are looking to hire some part-time employees to support their full-time staff during this busy time of year. 

There’s no better experience than real cannabis work, so take advantage of this opportunity to bolster your resume. Plus, there’s a chance the business could hire you full-time if you impress them with good work. 


  1. Get certified


Getting some kind of certification related to the job you want in cannabis will help you stand out as an ideal candidate. Cannabis certifications are proven to help improve your odds of being hired. 

Before completing a certification, take some time to research things like budtender basics and state cannabis laws




If you’re serious about finding work in the cannabis industry, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Businesses need help and you need a job –– it’s a win, win situation!

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