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Ted Smith

Bio: Ted Smith is the co-owner of a longhorn ranch in Texas and has been gardening indoors for 20+ years. He’s been working in the indoor garden industry for over twelve years in the Colorado area. In that team he has taught many indoor classes at indoor supply stores and at private gard clubs.

Interests: Bringing fresh food to “food deserts” within the inner cities through urban gardening and seeking further education at Seibel University of Chicago for Beer Brewing and Brewery Ownership/Management.[/one_half_last]

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Matt Jones

Bio: Matt Jones is a serial entrepreneur, and has been starting businesses since he was in high school. In addition to THC University, Matt is co-founder of Visioniz, infolicious and QRlicious. Marketing, management, mobile and social media are some of Matt’s strengths along with being a self proclaimed cannabis connoisseur.

Interests: Spending time with family, and the kids. Loves good food, and cooking good food. Loves science, learning, and politics. And of course all things the cannabis plant can provide. [/one_half_last]

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Freeman LaFleur

Bio: Freeman LaFleur is a serial entrepreneur, designer, writer, speaker, and wannabe philosopher. In addition to THC University, he is the co-founder of Visioniz, a creative agency based out of Denver, CO. His experience in entrepreneurship stretches back over multiple startups in the past 8 years.

Interests: Acquiring and spreading knowledge on humanity, technology, consciousness, and entrepreneurship via the web and his various side projects. Contemplating the distant future. Intelligent conversations. [/one_half_last]

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Tyler Baras

Bio: Tyler Baras has a Bachelor’s Degree in Horticultural Sciences and is a THCU certified Master Grower. Tyler has an extensive background managing large-scale hydroponic farms for Disney World, Epcot, and Emeril’s Orlando, while also working on the retail front, developing product for farmer’s markets.

Interests: Tyler enjoys cultivating cannabis and is a certified Yoga teacher.[/one_half_last]