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  • Pests & Diseases

    Pests & Diseases

  • Terpenes & Cannabinoids

    Terpenes & Cannabinoids

  • Hash/Waxes/Oils


  • Cannabis History

    Cannabis History

  • Harvest & Curing

    Harvest & Curing

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

  • Flowering


  • Start A Business

    Start A Business

  • Grow Gear

    Grow Gear

  • Lighting


  • State Regulations, Safety & Compliance

    State Regulations, Safety & Compliance

  • Vegetation


  • Grow Rooms

    Grow Rooms

  • Air


  • Hydroponics


  • Medical Courses

    Medical Courses

  • Mothers & Clones

    Mothers & Clones

  • Seeds & Germination

    Seeds & Germination

  • Edibles/Infusions


  • Law & Regulations

    Law & Regulations

Certification Programs

Regulations, Safety & Compliance

Horticulture Specialist

The Cannabis Business

Medical: Budtender Level

Marijuana Grow Basics

Why Thousands Choose THCU
  • I have to admit, I was nervous just starting out, but all of my guy friends who grow were very impressed with my first crop. Who knew this girl has a green thumb! They said it took them years to do what I am doing, and I have everyone at THC University to thank.
    Alison Bordeau
  • Thank you THC University, I am now growing larger, healthier plants because of what I learned. I used to get frustrated, trying this and that, watching videos on YouTube, but your classes are by far top of the line!
    Heath Ridder
  • I'm working in the cannabis industry as office manager for Independent Wellness Center in Apache Junction AZ. The training I got as a budtender is quite useful in helping new patients. I am able to help prepare them for their first trip into a dispensary. I have a good relationship with the local dispensary, we recommend people back and forth.
    Bill Lowry
  • I'm so excited to receive my certificate! I thought the courses were great! They were very well put together and did a great job of covering so many areas of cannabis information.
    Christian Litten
  • Just wanted to say a big Thank You! I just got hired at Reno's first official Dispensary, Sierra Wellness Connection as Assistant manager ! I start July 13, 2015. Without THCU I would of never had the courage to go for it and follow my lifelong dream. Can't wait to start the next chapter of my life.
    Michelle Autry
  • The course was wonderful and I've already began looking for work in the cannabis industry! So far I've had 2 phone interviews, one in WA and another for a commercial medicinal  grow that is going to be located in Illinois! All thanks to the knowledge gained from THCU!!!
    Hope Kimball
  • I really loved this course!  The format was easy to follow, fun and packed with a TON of information! I researched a ton of schools and felt that this was the best and most reliable program, and THC University proved me right!  Great job THC University!  Thank you!
    Brenda Quinones
  • I thought I knew everything there is to know about marijuana, but after taking THC Universities courses, I knew I was missing out on a lot of information. I will always be a student, the classes are updated regularly, and filed with vital information.
    Andrew Duran
  • I think the courses are very informative and focus on all the appropriate aspects of Cannabis, it's emerging culture, business/law, and (most importantly) the medicinal and wellness cultivation. I know that these courses are being refined every step of the way and I am very impressed with the support and responses I receive from the staff.  Matt (on chat) is excellent and informative!! Would definitely love to continue being a part of this venture with THC University...
    Ryan Kocis
  • Learn at your own pace
  • FREE Marijuana Grow Basics paperback book & Cannabis Expeditions DVD or Blu-ray by Jorge Cervantes
  • Pause courses at any time and continue later
  • 24 hour support Monday-Friday
  • We only hire industry leaders to be instructors
  • Education that is affordable for everyone!
  • All courses are evaluated and reviewed by a third party
  • Every student is assigned a counselor
  • Every student get’s access to every course
  • THCU has the worlds largest Cannabis Jobs Board
  • All courses are well organized and very interactive
  • Largest library of cannabis training material
  • NEW courses are released every month
  • One out of ten students work in the cannabis industry
  • Earn certifications from industry pioneers
  • E-books available
  • Courses have hours of videos
  • We guarantee you will love our courses
Education that is affordable!

Standard Monthly

  • Every course available on a monthly basis
  • 100+ hours of current curriculum
  • No Jobs Board access
  • No Certificates
  • No beta access
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  • NO Book & DVD/Blu-ray

Professional Monthly

  • Every course available on a monthly basis
  • 100+ hours of current curriculum
  • Jobs Board access on monthly basis
  • Earn certificates upon completion
  • Get updates and beta access on a monthly basis
  • Includes e-book downloads
  • FREE Book & DVD/Blu-ray

Three Month Bundle

  • Every course available for three months! ($79/mo)
  • 100+ hours of current curriculum
  • Jobs Board access!
  • Earn certificates upon completion
  • Get updates and beta access for three months!
  • Includes e-book downloads
  • FREE Book & DVD/Blu-ray

Six Month Bundle

  • Every course available for six months! One month FREE.
  • 100+ hours of current curriculum
  • Jobs Board access!
  • Earn certificates upon completion
  • Get updates and beta access for six months!
  • Includes e-book downloads
  • FREE Book & DVD/Blu-ray
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Cannabis Jobs Board

The Cannabis Jobs Board only features THC University graduate resumes and sends out top graduates resumes out to thousands of employers.

Emerald Opportunities

Exit interviews via Skype or in person to top 10 graduates every month. Also will assist graduating students with finding employment, and internships.

THC Jobs

One of the first cannabis jobs boards. Top 10% of THC University graduates will have featured resume profiles for FREE.

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