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Our jobs board showcases our graduates, allows employers to post jobs, and search for qualified employees.

21st century education

All of our courses are very interactive, and require students to be engaged, increasing memory.

Respected in the industry

Known throughout the industry of providing quality education, and all instructors are industry professionals.

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Students can answer each others questions, message and connect with students and instructors.

26 hours of curriculum

And counting! Classes added monthly and tuition gives you 6 months of access to all of the curriculum.

  • There is a limit of 30 students accepted per week
  • Must apply in order to be accepted, once accepted you must register within 7 days
  • 13+ courses! 26+ hours!
  • One on one’s w/ instructors
  • Take classes on your own schedule
  • Curriculum updated monthly with interactive 21st century education
  • Student community where students interact with each other and instructors
  • Jobs board available for graduates to post resumes and apply for jobs
  • Certification valid for one year
  • Student benefits with all THCU industry partners
  • Coming soon: More certification programs, and classes.


Tuition includes access to all certification courses
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What do our students say?
  • I really loved this course!  The format was easy to follow, fun and packed with a TON of information!  If you are lucky enough to be accepted into the program, I recommend that you start right away and work on it a little every day because this is a very comprehensive course.  I researched a ton of schools and felt that this was the best and most reliable program, and THC University proved me right!  Great job THC University!  Thank you!
    Brenda Quinones
  • I'm so excited to receive my certificate! I thought the courses were great! They were very well put together and did a great job of covering so many areas of cannabis information.
    Christian Litten
  • The course was wonderful and I've already began looking for work in the cannabis industry! So far I've had 2 phone interviews, one in WA and another for a commercial medicinal  grow that is going to be located in Illinois! All thanks to the knowledge gained from THCU!!!
    Hope Kimball
  • I was lucky enough to try the beta online interactive courses, and I am so impressed! When this get's released to the public, the industry will never be the same. The courses are fun, and way more interactive and useful then the courses I took at my college.
    Sean Simpson
  • I thought I knew everything there is to know about marijuana, but after taking THC Universities courses, I knew I was missing out on a lot of information. I will always be a student, the classes are updated regularly, and filed with vital information.
    Andrew Duran
  • I have the best crop in town because of THCU! I am starting out as a caregiver, and I have been flooded with patients who have tried my product, and want me to grow their plants. I am now making edibles and hash for my patients too!
    Nick Cooke
  • I have to admit, I was nervous just starting out, but all of my guy friends who grow were very impressed with my first crop. Who knew this girl has a green thumb! They said it took them years to do what I am doing, and I have everyone at THC University to thank.
    Alison Bordeau
  • Thank you THC University, I am now growing larger, healthier plants because of what I learned. I used to get frustrated, trying this and that, watching videos on YouTube, but your classes are by far top of the line!
    XLINE White Widow x Big Bud1
    Heath Ridder
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